ECyD Book: 40 Years of Experience Mentoring Teens

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The ECyDBook presents 40 years of experience mentoring teens within the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi charism and youth apostolates. And now it’s available for purchase! Imagine the best psychologists, youth mentors, philosophers and youth spiritual directors joining forces to write one book…this is it!

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The project of renewing the Legion of Christ’s and Regnum Christi’s youth work began with a commission in Madrid, Spain, made up of priests, lay consecrated and lay people experts in adolescent psychology and experienced in youth ministry. Their work basically consisted in gathering the collective experience of the Regnum Christi family in youth work. Over time, they presented an organized framework for youth work.

“It is the way Regnum Christi seeks to respond to the needs of today’s youth.” (ECyD Book)


ECyD is an international Catholic association of youth who participate in programs or activities that spark specific experiences, convictions and decisions that mark their Christian way of life and encourage them to build a lasting friendship with Christ and be his apostle. “ECyD” proposes a journey of Experiences, Convictions and [your] Decisions for any teen who wants to live these years of life to the fullest.

Now translated from Spanish into English and available for purchase, the book presents a framework of insights and reflections of the young person and his journey of self-discovery, the mission of youth  ministry, the profile of a youth mentor, and more.

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The book is organized into five steps:

  1. Teens in search of meaning: how do we understand teens and what they need.
  2. ECyD-Our search for answers to live by: the essence and mission of ECyD, and a roadmap for a Christian way of life.
  3. The ECyD Approach: tailored for teens, and the role of the mentor
  4. ECyD Experiences: five essential elements of ECyD youth ministry
  5. Bringing to life the spirit of ECyD: branding, traditions, values and structure

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One of the highlights of the book is the presentation of the “10 Needs of Adolescents”, which is a summary of the existential questions of hundreds of adolescents from more than 20 countries.

“An adolescent’s greatest need is to accomplish this mission: acquire the ability to understand, explain and define themselves as an individual-beginning to think, feel and decide on their own.” (ECyD Book)


One very important insight is the idea that youth ministry needs to be teen-centered, that is, focused on responding to the needs of teens. Therefore, the book highlights the role of the mentor as the one capable of awakening in teens the search for God and their identity, helping teens answer their questions, and accompanying them throughout their adolescence.

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This book is available for purchase and recommended for any youth minister, parent, coach, or any type of youth mentor. It’s a book sure to renew and inspire the way you reach out to the youth in your life, whether children, students, players on a team, et cetera.


You may buy the ECyD Book from Mission Network. To place another order, simply go to the link below, choose the quantity you need, select how you would like to pay (mail a check or e-check options) and enter your shipping information. You will receive an invoice via email. Once your payment is received, your book will be shipped.

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