Team-building Chant: Man of God, Rise Up!!

photo7This is a simple post about a group chant to build up morale and enthusiasm. I learned it from a friend who led it during our last High School camp. Very simple, yet fun, try it! It’s called, “Man of God, Rise Up!”

We’re always looking for ways to boost enthusiasm and morale, to build group unity and get teens excited about the life Christ invites them to. Below is video of an easy group building chant to do surely this!

We did this a few times during our High School camp. It was great as an introduction to our camp theme and also it was a great way to end a sports activity. In the video above, we had just finished soccer.

If you didn’t completely get it from the video, it’s quite easy to do:

  1. Get everybody to lock arms around each other’s shoulders
  2. The leader begins to direct small, repeated side motions, first to the left, then to the right, etc.
  3. While doing this, he is whispering “Man of God”, to which everyone else responds “Rise Up”.
  4. At first the movements are small and slow, and the chanting is very low. But the leader gradually increases his voice.
  5. “Man of God” and “Rise Up” are said as the group sways from side to side.
  6. By the end, the movements are very wide and the chanting is as LOUD as you can YELL!
  7. At the end, the leader calls everyone to put their hands in the middle, calls out “Man of God”, and raising their hands everyone responds “Rise Up!”

Even though we didn’t try it with girls, I’m sure it would work with them as well. However, you may have to change the words!!


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