Bible Party Quirks – A Fun Impromptu Game for Christian Groups

overly dramatic private investigator finding ridiculous clues to a murder

Here´s an introduction to a hilarious group game: Party Quirks! I´ve included 60 really fun, safe and clean characters, 30 of which are inspired from the Bible. Enjoy!


Introduction to Party Quirks

In this simple blog I prepared a Christian version of the game “Party Quirks”. Nothing changes in the rules. The difference is I´m providing you with 60 quirks (see below) that are clean and safe for all audiences. Also, 30 of them are Bible-based and just as hilarious.

I was first introduced to this game by one of my young adult missionaries while brainstorming what to do for a Catholic school retreat. Though I hadn’t heard of it, he got the game from the sixth season of the comedy series Whose Line Is It Anyway.

He explained how the game works and then showed me a few clips from YouTube. I was immediately sold on the idea. It would make a great game for teens! So we set to work on preparing the game as a mid-retreat ice breaker.

In the end it worked out just fine, and we had a lot of fun. And that´s the point in this activity: just fun! And a little bit of breaking down masks, barriers, shyness…etc.

chicken with an attitude

How to Play

The game is simple to explain, and if your group has not heard of the game already they may need a trial run before it hits home.

The game revolves around a volunteer that acts as a host for his own house party. During his party strange guests begin to show up one at a time at his door. These guests are also volunteers from your group. Each time one of them rings the doorbell, the party host opens the door to invite them in. However, each guest has been assigned by the leader of the game a very unique character with a strange “quirky” personality. The party host is the only one that doesn´t know the guests´ identity, since identities are assigned publicly while the host waits in some other room. Once a guest rings the doorbell and enters the house, he begins to act out his character. The party host then has about a minute or two to try to figure out who this guest is before the next one in line rings the doorbell. This happens until all three or four guests have come in and are hanging out around his living room acting out their “quirky character”. If the party host correctly guesses the identity of a guest, then that guest leaves the room. However, once they are all in his living room, he´ll have about five minutes to figure out the identity of all the guests.  The party host can guess as many times as he´d like until time is up.

There isn´t a winner or loser in this game. It´s simply fun to play because teens love to see other teens acting silly in front of others. I recommend that you see a video or two before playing it. Just type in “party quirks” in youtube and click on any videos of teens playing the game. I suggest seeing other teen groups playing instead of the actual show (though the show is fun as well!).

overly dramatic private investigator finding ridiculous clues to a murder

Suggestions for your Group

It´s best to play this game once the group is at least somewhat comfortable with each other. It may fail as an ice breaker if the group consists of mostly strangers. A seasoned group is ready for this game any time. This being said, it´s a fun activity to play sometime in the middle of a retreat or camp.

Ask for volunteers to play the different roles, but try to pick the most outgoing teens in your group to go first. They will certainly make everyone in the group laugh, and the more timid teens may build up the courage to go up.

I downloaded a doorbell app on my cell phone when we played. I would ring the doorbell when I thought it was time for the next guest to come in. If you don´t have a pretend doorbell, you or each guest can just knock on wood to imitate knocking at the door.

This game can be played with any group: high school or middle school, coed or single gender. I noticed, however, it works best with a coed group.

I´m not sure if you can play this game more than once, unless the teens ask to play again. These party games seem to lose their spark once they have been played. So make it count! If you do play again, try to pick new characters. However, the good news is there are tons of fun party games to choose from, and you can find good ones on google or youtube by typing in “party games” or “group games for parties”.

Sample Characters to Download

Below you can download my list of about 60 quirks. About 30 of them are Bible-related, and the other 30 are simply random. I´ve tried the Bible-related characters and they are hilarious as well.

 Bible Safe and Fun Party Quirks

I´ve also included Jesus´ parable of the guests invited to his banquet in case you´d like to read it at the end of the game. Jesus didn´t play these games at banquets, but  He did welcome anyone that desired to eat at His side. I think this is a good game for bringing all kinds of teens together around one activity.


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