The Adolescent Life of Jesus – New Book Series

Jesus amidst the teachers - by Brian JekelThe Father’s Adolescent book Series
by Lucio Boccacci LC

Now you can understand the Finding of the Boy Jesus in the Temple like never before. Read about the only 13 verses in the Bible on Jesus’ adolescence. And discover his first 30 years of life.

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Why Read this book Series…?

…Because of the MILESTONES in Jesus’ life!

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Luke 2:40-52

It’s ALL we know of up to 30 years of Jesus’ life.

It’s the ONLY episode about Jesus’ adolescence.

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And it’s the FIRST TIME we know Jesus:

mentioned his Father,
made an independent decision,
engaged in public debate at the Temple,
went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem,
celebrated the Passover, and,
became the main protagonist.

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Discover the many nuances of Luke’s text.

Imagine what his life was like in Nazareth.

Accompany him on his pilgrimage to the feast of Passover.

Suffer with the parents’ searching for Jesus. Experience the joy of finding him.

Chew on the mystery of the Jesus’ adolescent personality.

Learn about adolescence and youth ministry from Jesus’ own perspective.

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Why did he remain behind in Jerusalem?
How come his parents didn’t realize it?
How did a 12-year-old amaze the best of Israel’s teachers?
What did he say to them?
What’s behind his response to his mother?
What’s the deal with his relationship with Mary?
How did the Son of God grow in wisdom?
What spiritual benefit can we draw?
And what can we learn foryouth ministry?

…and so much more!

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